Metro Mobility & Transit Link

Metro Mobility

Metro Mobility is a shared-ride public transportation service that is intended to provide safe, affordable transportation for individuals who are unable to navigate the transportation network independently because of a disability. Trips are provided for any purpose for eligible riders.

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Eligibility and Certifications

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Program Services

Certification Guide for Passengers

Transit Link

Transit Link is a shared-ride public transportation service for the Twin Cities metro area where regular fixed-route bus services are infrequent or unavailable. These services are available for any resident, regardless of disability status or age.

Program Services

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Guide for Passengers

How to Apply for Metro Mobility

Step 1

Complete the Certification Questionnaire.

Step 2

Complete the Eligibility Application Professional Verification Form.

Step 3

Mail both completed forms to the address below.

Mail to:

Metro Mobility Service Center, 380 N Robert Street, St. Paul, MN 55101-1805 (Metro Mobility does not accept applications by fax or via email).